2. 7 color screen printed “Starship Troopers” poster. Private commission.


  3. The Third Decade




  6. Screen printed “The Matrix” posters. Private commission. Regular and variant version plus the glow in the dark layer for the variant.


  7. Screen printed poster for the anime Ghost in the Shell. Released and sold by Mondo at San Diego Comic Con today to celebrate the 25th anniversary of this classic. Being a big fan of the film it was a great honor to work with this.


  8. Screen printed poster for Heavy Metal Magazine. Released yesterday by Mondo at San Diego Comic-Con. This Poster was commissioned to promote the future Heavy Metal film.


  9. Grey Matter Art will release a limited edition screen print for the cult horror film “Night of the Living Dead” that I did for them. 
    Here is the regular and variant version. They will go on sale at a random time between 1:00-2:00 PM on Tuesday, July 15th. 
    For more info please visit: http://greymatterart.com/
    You can read a short interview I did for Evil Tender Dot Com in connection to this release HERE.


  10. Ghost corporation. By Kilian Eng



  12. My screen print The Planet Chamber for Evil Tender Dot Com is now up for sale HERE . The Planet Chamber is a 24”x 36” inch, 7 colors and hand numbered print with a limited edition of 160. 



  14. Evil Tender Dot Com just announced my new screen print named The Planet Chamber that I have done for them. This is my first print in the medium without any connection to an already existing subject. The print will go on sale June 18th on: http://eviltender.com/ You can read more about the print HEREA big thanks to Chris Jalufka for wanting to work with me!