3. Some commissioned work in their printed form. Illustrations by Kilian Eng






  8. Artwork for the great Swedish producer Le Prix and his song Cosmonova. Out April 24 trough Girlfriend Records. Cosmonova will be the labels first official release.



  10. OBJECT 5

    My first book OBJECT 5 is now available trough this page . If you live in America a better alternative could be to get it from the publisher Floating World Comics instead, since they ship from the states.

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  12. My tribute image to Jean Giraud / Moebius who passed away on the 10th of Mars. The building and composition is drawn based on the first image I can remember that I ever saw from him. It also remains as one of my absolute favourites.


  13. Have been getting some questions on the mail if i do sketches before doing original artwork. Thats how it usually goes so just wanted to share a couple of ROUGHS straight from the sketchbook where things often sets off.


  14. Limited edition DUNE poster made for Mondo. Currently exhibited togheter with a lot of sweet art at their new Gallery space in Austin/Texas wich had a grand opening yesterday.