2. b&w characters


  3. Tourists by Kilian Eng


  4. Here is the artwork I have done for Moments Lost - music and art inspired by Blade Runner, in collaboration with Analog Sweden

    This is the picture vinyl disc. Available to preorder trough: http://www.analogsweden.com/ML 

    Screen printed poster versions will be released at Bottleneck Gallery in New York on 31 May.





  8. Dark souls tribute illustration. 


  9. Front and back cover illustrations for M83's soundtrack to the film “You And The Night”. In addition to the digital release from 2013 its just been released on Vinyl and CD as well.


  10. Private commissioned The Fifth Element prints. Regular & variant.


  11. Have recently been taking some first steps in figure sculpting with clay and really enjoying it. Here’s 4 small characters that showed up. I think they are singing.


  12. Mondo and Disney has teamed up for a show during this years SXSW in Austin. I was commissioned to create a screen print for the classic Disney Sci-fi The Black Hole. Turned out like this. The show opens on March 7.



  14. A new print is available in my INPRNT STORE.


  15. My third Dark Souls tribute image.