1. Evil Tender just premiered my Stargate poster that will be released trough Skuzzles now on Wednesday 11 December. For more info CLICK HERE


  2. Cover artwork for the great Tokyo based producer broken haze who recently released his album Vital Error.


  3. My inprnt.com print shop has just opened again. 
    A lot of art available in different sizes. Check it out HERE. There is a 25% discount on all prints until end of Monday 2nd December.




  6. A little interview for Mould Map III along with my sketches & inspiration for the project. Mould Map III still needs funds to be published. 9 days to go, hope we get there in time! READ THE INTERVIEW HERE





  10. Cover artwork for M83's soundtrack to the French film Les Rencontres d’après minuit, English title You and the Night. The film premiers in France tomorrow if Im not mistaken and the soundtrack will be available next week in digital stores. A vinyl release is also planned in 2014. You can listen to one of the songs HERE and watch the trailer for the film HERE.


  11. Landfill Editions are planning to release their third publication in the Mould Map series, Mould Map 3. Among many artists presented I have an A2 size poster included that turned out like this. The campaign to release this has just been launched on Kickstarter. For more info please visit the MOULD MAP KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN PAGE.


  12. I have teamed up with Analog Sweden for a project called Moments Lost.

    It will be a mix of music, written stories and illustrations inspired by the world of Blade Runner and beyond. Moments Lost is a crowd funded project just launched on Indiegogo.com. There will be signed limited prints, t-shirts and vinyls with my artwork for the project as perks. 

    Your contribution would mean a lot to us, I really do think this can be something special if we get the funds to realize it. Please share this and visit our Indiegogo page to find out more. Hope you find it interesting and worth supporting, if so the sooner the better so we get a great start on the campaign. To visit our campaign page please CLICK HERE

    You can also join the Moments Lost art contest connected to the project. To find out more about that CLICK HERE Thanks! 


  13. Some rough sketches from my work process with Mondo’s Silver Surfer print.


  14. Mondo is working together with Marvel to release prints for different characters from their Universe. The first one out is my print of The Silver Surfer. Will be sold tomorrow trough Mondos site