3. Cover artwork for the new Sci-fi film Oblivion's soundtrack with music composed by M83 . Soon to be released on vinyl by Mondo.



  5. A little tribute image to the amazing one and only Jean Giraud / Moebius who left us this day a year ago.


  6. Poster made for Mondo and HBO’s Game of Thrones exhibition currently running in Austin Texas.




  9. During the Oscars Academy Awards last night Mondo released posters for some of the nominated films in collaboration with the film studios. I was commissioned to do the one for Argo. The poster is for the made up Sci-fi film in the film. Argo was awarded with the Oscar for best film 2012.



  11. CD album, 12 inch vinyl and stickers for Marcus D’s Japanese version releases trough the label Tribe.


  12. From paper to digital


  13. Promo clip for my next book OBJECT 10. The book will be out early summer this year trough Floating World Comics. Special thanks to Boerd for contributing with the beautiful music in the clip!