3. Lightsource. By Kilian Eng



  5. Robots! By Kilian Eng


  6. A couple of more close-up photos of the poster I did for Jodorowsky’s Dune in collaboration with Mondo. The photos were taken by Billy Garrett for Mondo, originally posted HERE





  10. Poster for the upcoming documentary about Alejandro Jodorowsky’s Dune (possibly the greatest Sci-Fi film that never was). The poster is released by Mondo. More info about the film and the great lineup of artists who worked on the pre-production can be found here.


  11. Illustration on the front cover of French visual culture magazine Kiblind. The image is originally from my short story Under. One of very few attempts in the field of comics so far, from 2009 I think.


  12. Cover artwork for The Gaslamp Killer and his debut full lenght Breaktrough. This fantastic sounding album was just released on Flying Lotus label Brainfeeder.


  13. Cover artwork for The Starship Connection EP. The Starship Connection is B.Bravo & Teeko. This great space funk record is out today on vinyl and digital from Frite Nite.


  14. Album cover art for US based artist GRIZ. The album Mad Liberation is free and available to download HERE.