1. Album cover art for US based artist GRIZ. The album Mad Liberation is free and available to download HERE.




  4. A quick drawing I did after watching Logan`s Run the other day. The Carousel Scene.




  7. A second Dark Souls tribute illutration by Kilian Eng


  8. Dark Souls fan/tribute illustration by Kilian Eng


  9. By Kilian Eng (definitely Moebius inspired )


  10. Made this under influence of the track “Hightech Nomads" by Drexciya. I would like to make a whole story about those Hightech Nomads, love that title.


  11. These 7 images are now available as free desktop wallpapers trough the great site Kuvva


  12. The comic “Syklus” I have been doing in collaboration with Norwegian comic book artist and writer Martin Ernstsen is now out and available trough Norwegian Publisher Jippi comics. Syklus is 36 pages in full color.